1. Change the Landing for home page (first thing seen when people go to page) to a picture of me in my scrubs with a picture of my new book, and the following text: Let’s R.E.S.T. Inspirational Journal for COVID-19 Frontline Workers and Medical Professionals Available December 15, 2020.


2. Update my moving banners by making the following changes:

    FaceBook Live banner: change picture to the updated picture of me wearing my white coat (see attachment). Delete info on side referring to 1st Saturday of every month at 11. 


3. Can I push banner: it’s not a new book anymore, therefore would like to remove that verbiage and simply put—Get your copies of the Can I Push book and journal. The picture on the side can then be changed to an updated pic of me showing both books. I’ve attached a photo so you can see what it looks like.  I will send you the high resin photo when the photographer sends it back to me. I would also like to add a button on this banner that says, “click for more information”. I would then like for it to take them to the store page where I will have info about both books (have to update with info about the new book “Let’s R.E.S.T.)


4. I would like to delete the breast cancer awareness info and video at the bottom of the home page.  I would then like to move the video above that down towards the bottom of the page and then add a new promo video about the new book coming out.  I should have that new video by Sunday to upload (shooting the film tomorrow). 

Dr. Chevelta Website Updates